The best offence is a good defence, always provoke the enemy and then fight back. Don’t make advances until the end of an attack.

Protect important units (artillery, anti-air units etc.) and don’t be scared to sacrifice the abundant ones.

In defence-only missions (e.g. 4th misson) lay as many mines as possible – on roads, bridges, and around buildings.

Unit grouping:

  • Advancing lines (2–6 sqaures ahead) – Perseus Alpha/Beta tanks – anything you that lures helicopters. Always leave a square in between (so the rockets don’t damage more than one unit)
  • 1st line – tanks, anti-airs, Skiatron, maybe light artillety (Patriot, Scorpion) ready to retreat
  • 2nd line – Goliaths, Patriots, Messiahs
  • 3rd line – Hercules’ and Scorpions (need empty 2nd line)
  • Rear lines – Urans, Gnomes, Ceres’, Iris’, Protons’ etc.

Put aircrafts 2–3 squares ahead first lines.

Align Falangas with Horizons or 1–2 sqaures ahead and assure they can move both foward and backward.

Conveyors are best for artillery which mustn’t move before fire (Goliath and Hercules). They can be transported to battle stations easily and hit the enemy’s weak spots right after they disembark.

Save the game with caution, only when really need to. Otherwise, you can run out of saves for a long time.

All units have experience levels (I–X). Higher levels mean more damage, better durability, and higher probability of a good hit while shooting in defence. Keep this in mind. For example level X makes a Mystic unbeatable (and having two or three of them is the only army you might need).