Soundtrack consists of 15 tracks. I have converted them using Audacity from original S3M format, in which they are available in the open source version of Signus, to MP3. Complete soundtrack is hence free to download and enjoy at your non-commercial will, for instance you may play it during your journeys. You’ll just have to put the in-game messages at given situations yourselves.

Signus – The Soundtrack (1998): Download (zip, 45 MB)

List of tracks

Artephact War (3:10)
Belligerent Bacteria (3:41)
Cophhee Has Chilled Out (3:16)
Don’t Phall Asleep (3:42)
Drivin’ across the Time (2:56)
Esthreeem Illness (3:52)
Pattern Portrait (3:16)
Phirst ITeous (3:08)
Phound in Desert (3:55)
Project M (3:21)
Rushing Snake (3:08)
Solution (3:35)
The Battle (2:41)
The Battle (Timeophh rmx) (3:01)
Water in the Sky (2:44)