Durability: low
Shooting range – anti-air gun: medium (8 sqaures)
– machine gun: minimal (1 square)
Damage – anti-air gun: medium
– machine gun: low
Speed: high

Falanga is a self-propelling anti-aircraft gun. It is armed with a heavy machine gun for damaging surface targets and with a double anti-aircraft gun. Its armour is relatively thin. Falanga was designed and built as a supporting mobile unit of air-raid protections.

When used together with Horizons falangas are very effective anti-aircraft defensive power. On the other hand these machines are extraordinarily mobile which allows them to move effectively to endangered places. The major weakness of this weapon is its low resistance, which makes it an easy prey to Rex.

The sign for this unit contains 4 raised lances representing a defensive protection formation using its long lances to protect itself and its companions.