Perseus Γ


Durability: high
Shooting range – cannon: medium -> long (6 squares)
– anti-air gun: short (4 squares)
Damage – cannon: medium -> high
– anti-air gun: low -> medium
Speed: medium

Perseus Gamma is a war tank determined for the fight in first line. It is equipped with a heavy doubled gun and an anti-aircraft machine-gun Grund. Its armour is very thick.

These units are brought to bear especially for their big destructive power and considerable resistance. Another big advantage of this gun is its anti-aircraft machine-gun that together with another advantages enables to operate even separately in the rear of the enemy. The only weakness of this battle colossus is its small mobility which makes it an easy target for the long-distance shooting weapons and towers of enemy.

“The difference between getting tumbled down in Beta or Gamma is that you are dying with a wonderful feeling that they had to waste much more ammunition” – writing on the Perseus Gamma’s garages.