Perseus Alpha



Durability: low
Shooting range: short (2 squares)
Damage: nízké
Speed: vysoká

Perseus Alpha is developed on the bases of the standard army tank RT 29. It is equipped with a light-weight short-distance shooting recoilless gun. Its advantage is first of all its high mobility.

According to its comparatively low shooting power it is only supposed to be used in larger fighting forces. Thank to its high mobility it is possible to move the hit unions made of these units easily to strategically very advantageous positions. It also seems to be quite advantageous to use these tanks for the elimination of the enemy long-distance shooting weapons placed deep in the rear.

It is historically the first weapon prepared for the use of the Signus units. The constructors warn of the defects especially in the thin armour. That is one of the reasons to suggest its partly substitution with units of a different type.