Durability: low
Shooting range: long -> huge (19 squares)
Damage: high -> huge
Speed: low

Hercules is a heavy-weight rocket-launcher equipped with a rocket holder Pluton. Pluton can carry up to six missiles and is able to fire them up to two miles of distance.

Faster and further development of this weapon was incited by many reports from higher officers whose units have met the shooting towers Minotauruses. A gun with a bigger gauge than this tower was requested. However this weapon is armoured insufficiently and it has a small amount of missiles. This fact makes it useful only to fire from the rear and with the support of Gnoms. The great advantage of Hercules are the fraction rockets that enable to hit a larger area with only one shot.

The report for the press: “The long-distance shooting rocket-launcher Hercules was on the order of the commander tested in a completely uninhabited stone desert Hilbog. Any other news in the media are spurious documents and should be of service to Consortium.”