Durability: medium -> high
Shooting range: long (11 squares)
Damage: medium -> high
Speed: medium


Dirrac is a sonic tank developed on the grounding of original Arconian technology. It is equipped with a sonic gun, that uses the ultrasonic principle. Dirrac’s armour is rather thick.

It is actually a light-weight tank. Its high mobility together with the striking power enables to use this weapon against enemy long-distance shooting guns from the depth of own rear. Another advantage of this weapon is its massive front plate, which equals this weapon to much bigger tanks Perseus Gamma. On the contrary, the biggest weakness of Dirrac is its insufficient armour on the upper part, which makes it very vulnerable to the rocket weapons.

This weapon has, thanks to its not completely understood technology, an influence on the crews psychic. That is why the pilots are being chosen from the psychically most resistant individuals. Therefore it is possible to recognise a Dirrac pilot easily because of yellowish irises.