Perseus Beta



Durability: medium
Shooting range: medium (4 squares)
Damage: medium
Speed: medium

Perseus Beta is an analogue of its smaller brother Alpha. But it is newer and more able to strike. It is equipped with a middle-class machine-gun U66 and its armour is rather thick.

Because of the thick armour, shorter range and rather high resistance is Beta able to pass through a bigger damage. It is used as a war tank in the first line (especially in the missions where heavy-weight machines cannot be transported) but it is also very effective when destroying smaller centres of resistance (the bombarding towers etc.) or protecting own buildings (stocks, basis, etc.).

Report for the commanders: “The news that our agents have stolen the tracings of Consortium’s tank are completely undergrounded. The Propagators of this piece of news will be considered traitors and they should be punished according to this fact.”