Durability: minimal
Range of sight: radar-like (20 squares)
Speed: high

Skiatron is a lightweight radar vehicle with no armament systems and its armour is rather thin. This vehicle uses the decoding radar system Atron, that has been developed especially for the Signus units.

This is not a war machine but a supporting vehicle. Because it has rather big range of sight, it is used with long-distance shooting weapons, such as Hercules and Goliath. It enables us to see the enemy on the shooting distance. However, same as these long-distance shooting units, Skiatron has to operate in the rear under the protection of tanks and ack-ack guns.

Skiatron was given his name after town Ski-Ata-Rona, where the biggest agent ever – James Astrand was born. He is the author of books “Mute true” and “Two noble words”. Ski-Ata-Rona provides its agents to Consortium and Toricon in the present time.