Durability: high
Shooting range – cannon: huge (20 squares)
– torpedo: medium -> long (7 squares)
– anti-air gun: medium -> long (7 squares)
Damage – cannon: very high
– torpedo: medium/span>
– anti-air gun: high
Speed: medium

Kraken is a war ship. It is equipped with a heavy-weight gun similar to the construction of Goliash. But it is much more effective. Torpedoes and a heavy-weight antiaircraft gun belong to its armament.

This strongly armoured colossus is the most destructive unit of Singus formations ever. Its biggest weakness is unsatisfactory flak, that enables an effective anti-aircraft defence only with the support of destroyers. Another big disadvantage of Kraken is a bad monitor system which is not able to locate the enemy submarines.

“There are only two ways how to tumble Kraken down. The first one is to shoot it down. And the second one are all the other ways.” – quotation of an anonymous technician.