Durability: none
Shooting range: medium (5 squares)
Damage – mortar: medium -> high
– self-destruction: huge (destroys everything in the 4×4 squares area and most units in the 7×7 squares area)
Speed: high


Satan is a self-destructive highly explosive mine, based on the Arkonian technology. There are incorporated gravitation sensors in its body, which allow free moving above the ground. Its main weapon is its self destruction. It is further armed with a mine-thrower for shooting down distant objects.

The major weakness of this artefact weapon is a low resistance which makes it vulnerable to any unit attack. On the other hand the biggest advantage of Satan is a gigantic explosive charge, which damages everything live and lifeless in the Perseus Beta range of shooting.

Some high officers have also protested against creation of this weapon, however it turned out to be necessary to engage it.

Special feature: Satan cannot be hit by defensive gunfire.