Durability: medium -> high
Shooting range: long (10 sqaures)
Damage: high
Speed: medium


Agni is a light-weight laser tank of a similar design to the sonic tank Dirrac. It is armed with a laser gun and similarly to the “sonics” this weapon has relatively thick armour.

The application of Agni is nearly the same as of Dirrac. The only more significant difference between these two weapons is a little bit higher resistance of Agni. The major weakness of this weapon is probably its defencelessness against air-raids, which excludes the possibility of its individual engage without any support of air-raid protections.

“… and the Lord of fire will come and strike Your bodies and souls with flame, He will chase You and He will not have any mercy with any of You when You will be weeping tears of fire and beg for forgiveness.” – the eleventh verse of Klihiána Epic – describing the end of the world of the infidels.