Durability: medium -> high
Shooting range – cannon: medium -> long (7 squares)
– mines: minimal (1 square)
– anti-air gun: medium (7 squares)
Damage: medium
Speed: high


Viking is a destroyer. It is equipped with a mid-weight gun Ghecker, a light anti-aircraft gun and abyssal mines Aglovian.

The engagement of these units in actions is supposed only in bigger formations with the support of heavy ships or cruisers. It appeared necessary to engage them in convoys as supporting ships for the aircraft carriers Lagoons, where they function as an antiaircraft flank. Another big advantage of these ships is their radar system which enables us to see the enemy submarines and mines.

“Although Viking is rather weak as an individual, it is necessary for marine battles and sometimes could be very important.” – the opinion of Admiral Gretzsky.