Signus takes place in the distant future, after the end of Earth, on the planet called Arconis. Long ago, a fleet of Earth’s colonization spaceships arrived there. But the planet was inhabited by highly-developed indigenous race.

Earthlings and Arconians first attempted to arrange agreements, yet the differences between both species were so immense, that the common understanding was not possible at all. But the humans needed planet Arconis and its resources, or else they wouldn’t survive. Thus they started a war.

Although the Arconians were on much advanced technology level, they forgot how to wage war ages ago. So they were exterminated and their planet, devastated by humans’ weapons of mass destruction, had to recover for a long time.

After a thousand years since the human colonization of Arconis, the original race is forgotten. But there are traces left – lost artefacts, fragments of highly advanced technology. Konsortium, an alliance of six big companies, seeks them, and there’s suspicion that it wants to use it for military purposes. The Toricon company wants to put an end to this, so it creates an army of raid commandos code-named Signus. The artefact war begins…