Durability: low
Shooting range: huge (20 squares)
Damage: huge
Speed: minimal

Goliath is a heavy-weight mobile long range gun using highly explosive ammunition based on the artefact technology. Its undercarriage and gun are made from a special alloy to be able to bear up against high temperatures which occur during a shoot.

The Goliath combat limitations are nearly the same as those of the heavy rocket launcher Hercules. They cannot be used in the first line because they must be protected by tanks and air-raid protections. A big advantage of Goliath, compared to its older colleague Hercules, is its ammunition magazine which allows fire of longer duration without any support of ammunition conveyors – Gnomes.

“… and therefore we would like to express our thanks to our scientists and technicians, who have reached through their hard work this outstanding outcome and who have created the machine which bounds the majesty of our predecessors on Arconis with the inventiveness of human intellect.” – excerpt from Ian Zening’s thanks to scientists.