Durability: high
Shooting range – cannon: medium (5 squares)
– anti-air gun: medium (5 squares)
Damage – cannon: medium
– anti-air gun: medium
Speed: medium


Mohycane is a standard war train. It is armed with a middle-class machine-gun AGON and an anti-aircraft machine-gun of a 38mm gauge. It is considerably well armoured and it has a high resistance.

The biggest power of this unit is its versatility. It is fast, resistant and able to attack the surface targets same as the aircraft unions. It was constructed as a supporting unit to the first line. There it fearlessly equalizes to tanks. The only weakness of this train (same as of all other trains) is its mobility which is limited by the railway. The biggest enemies of this weapons are the miners that are able to paralyse whole unions of Mohycanes with only a couple of mines. Therefore we recommend to use these units together with Xenons.