Durability: medium
Shooting range – cannon: medium -> high (7 squares)
– anti-air gun: medium (5 squares)
Damage – cannon: medium
– anti-air gun: medium
Speed: high

Helios is a battle hovercraft equipped with mid-weight gun Beta 3 and heavy anti- aircraft machine-gun with construction similar to Perseus Beta tanks.

This unit is actually an analogy to mid-weight tank Perseus Beta. The biggest advantage of Helios is its mobility in terrain that tanks would hardly get across. Another big positive of this hovercraft are the anti-aircraft weapons, that enable to use Helios as a part of an anti-aircraft flak.

Picture of this war machine has got on the badge of Zimbowan legions (top units of Eutania) shortly after it came into existence. One third of the soldiers in Zimbowan legions comes from Signus units.