Durability: low -> medium
Capacity: unit-dependent
Speed: medium -> high



Uran is a conveyor of the war machines. It has standard armour plates and no weapons.

This unit was originally developed from its lighter colleagues of Bastien type, that are used by the navy infantry units and it was supposed to work only as a transport vehicle in larger offensive actions. However with the development of heavy-weight long-distance shooting weapons such as Goliath or Hercules the unit needed to be able to transport these giants to their attack positions or to be able to bring them back from the position where they could be attacked by the enemy. So Bastien has transformed into Uran. This colossus is able to carry up to four heavy rocket-launchers – Hercules and up to twelve light-weight tanks Perseus Alpha.

The statement of general Esencki: “Uran is unable to deal with bigger damage and that is why I recommend to use it for unit transport in the rear only.”