Welcome to the first web on the strategy game Signus

Signus is a Czech turn-based strategy game from 1998, developed by Valacirca (its core consisting of Marek Wünsch, Richard Wünsch and Václav Slavík) and released by Zima Software. Since 2002, its source code is open under the GNU license.

Considering its year of release, Signus has fairly good graphics, catchy story, realisticly mean AI of enemies, highly-developed video sequences, plentiful sound effects, and it is dubbed by a famous Czech voice actor Michal Pavlata. The game features 40 units: scout vehicles, tanks, artillery, helicopters, planes, ships, and support units providing repairs, refuels and ammo. There are also nine buildings and five defense towers in the game.

Hardware requirements are indeed minimal – which paradoxly brings troubles, because Signus is not optimized for 3D graphic cards. That is demonstrates either by “just” badly played videos, wild colors of the game, or its even unable to launch. One of the ways how to deal with that is to virtualize older Windows, simpler way is offered by the utility DxWnd (see How to launch). Linux users should be able to compile the open source version, although that lacks all videos.

The website you have just visited brings you almost everything ever known about Signus. More information is only in the game itself or its SVN archive. The first web, as far as I know, is not just first, its even the only one of such extent.