Durability: low
Capacity: unit-dependent
Speed: medium



Caesar is a conveyor plane. It is powered by two engines. It does not have any weapons and it has mid-class armour. It has two collapsible engines, that enable to start vertically.

Originally, Caesar was drawn up as a heavy-weight bomber, but no more bombers were needed after the creation of Saturns. That is why the planes were reconstructed and are used for airborne units of Signus commandos. The engagement of Caesars in direct battles is limited by their low resistance. Therefore we recommend to use them only under the protection of Ikaroses and Mystics.

“All the types of Caesar planes are under the tactical leadership of marine foot, and therefore there were some problems with their engagement in the strategic aircraft missions. In the mean time we can easily state, that there are no more problems among our units.” – the report from the Defence Division to the Highest Presidium.