Durability: medium
Damage: very high
Speed: medium



Saturn is a heavy-weight bomber equipped with 6 sets of bombs for carpet bombing. It does not have any weapons for air duels and its armour is quite thin.

This bomber belongs to the few weapons that are able to damage the war ship Kraken considerably. Saturn’s carpet bombs were able to change the course of a battle many times already. These heavy machines have to operate under the protection of interceptors, because although they are rather big, their resistance is low. These units do not have any weapon systems for air duels so even the light-weight Ikaros is able to deal with these colossuses. Another big disadvantage is small ammunition magazine which forces Saturns to return back to the base for new ammunition after every hurl.

The engagement of these weapons has met with strong antipathy of humane upheaval Amaldon. However after the execution of its leaders there were no more serious protests noticed.