Durability: high
Shooting range – cannon: long (10 squares)
– torpedo: medium -> long (7 squares)
– anti-air gun: medium -> long (7 squares)
Damage – cannon: high
– torpedo: high
– anti-air gun: medium
Speed: medium -> high

Poseidon is a heavy cruiser. It is equipped with heavy-weight gun, four torpedoes and an anti-aircraft gun. Its armour is rather thick and it has an excellent monitoring system Akai.

These ships are analogical to heavy tanks. Even considering the range, Poseidons are beyond controversy much better. They are one of the most overwhelming units ever and together with accompanying unions of Vikings they are creating the spin of Torionīs navy forces. Their biggest weakness is the vulnerability to enemy’s submarine attacks without protection of the destroyers.

Kliatron, the predecessor of Poseidon was originally a light-weight cruiser. Although in this form did not respond to the demands that are being put on Signus units. That is why the light-weight gun was replaced With much more overriding Drak.