Durability: low
Shooting range: long (10 squares)
Damage: high
Speed: medium

Scorpion is a light rocker-launcher armed with four missiles for the bombardment of surface targets. It is equipped with a standard rocket holder Hackler which is also used by common army.

As the title hints, it is a gun determined for the destruction of the enemy units from the deep of the rear. The armour plates can hardly survive a direct shot from a tank but Scorpion is able to move quickly to strategically advantageous positions (and out of the range of the enemy units). The great weakness of this weapon is a small amount of rockets which makes bombing effective possible only with the support of ammunition conveyor Gnome.

It is a public secret that Scorpion was developed on the costs of Trakhal corporation which has gained the right to buy sixteen war helicopters Grazij as a reward for developing this weapon.