Durability: medium
Shooting range – rockets: medium -> long
– anti-air gun: short
Damage – rockets: high
– anti-air gun: low -> medium
Speed: high


Rex is a battle helicopter. It is armed with a launcher of air-ground rockets and with a heavy anti-aircraft machine-gun. It is driven by a big propeller.

The main task of the Rex unit is the damaging of surface targets for which it is armed with shattering rockets. During air-duels, Rex has to rely on own ground air-raid protections or on its colleagues – interceptors. This machine is assigned to the first line combat together with tanks and defence towers. It should paralyse enemy’s ground battle machines and (in the case of too strong enemy’s ground air-raid protections and in the case of an attack of enemy’s interceptors) pull back under the umbrella of own arms.

“This helicopter has been the first unit brought into Signus corps and we were convinced about its quality in the past by military groups of Consortium.” – Military bulletin no. 92.