Durability: low
Shooting range: long (10 squares)
Damage: high
Speed: low -> medium

Patriot is a light-weight mobile long-distance shooting gun using the explosive ammunition of the same gauge as the middle-weight tanks (Perseus Beta). It has limited armour-plates and no short-distance shooting weapons.

This weapon is determined to shell the enemy units from the rear and therefore it is equipped with a long-distance shooting cannon placed on the chassis of Patriot 3K. However it has to pay with an unsatisfactory resistance for its mobility.

Patriot is one of the few units of Signus, that is also used by the standard army (but they call it KH-12C). The best known advocate of the KHs is general Esencki (one of the originators of the idea of the Signus units), who was during the tactical training of Toricon able to hold the ford across the river Astra only with the aid of the second and fourth armoured regiment of the third division mostly made of the KHs against three tank divisions with general Westen in charge.