Durability: medium -> high
Shooting range – AA gun: short (3 squares)
– AG gun: short (3 squares)
releases bombs in 8 squares
Damage – AA gun: medium
– AG gun: low -> medium
– bombs: high
Speed: high

Cobra is a light-weight assault bomber equipped with explosive bombs and a heavy-weight machine-gun for air duels. Its armour is rather thin.

The biggest advantage of these units is their easy manoeuvring together with their speed which enables to move them in one moment to endangered places. Their disadvantage is low resistance that enables their effective engagement only to bigger formations or together with Satruns. During the air duels, Cobras have to rely on the support of Ikaroses.

The HQ report: “The defamation that general Esencki died because he was not able to control the machine during the testing flight are absolutely groundless and are lowing the prestige of this man who should be an example for all of us. The circulators of this defamation can expect the court-martial punishment.”