Durability: high
Shooting range – cannon: short (3 squares)
– AA rockets: long (10 squares)
– AG rockets: medium -> long (7 squares)
Damage – cannon: medium
– AA rockets: high
– AG rockets: high
Speed: high

Mystic is a fight bomber constructed in virtue of the original Arconis technology. It is equipped with a launcher of air-air rockets and with a heavy-weight machine-gun. It is also equipped with a launcher of air-ground rockets.

It is probably the most powerful air force ever. The pilots of Mystic relish it for its easy controllability and speed that exceeds even the Ikaroses. And that makes it a very dangerous antagonist in the air. It is also very effective for the fight against surface units. Its rockets are very dangerous and Mystic usually has enough time to get away from the range of enemy flak.

Although this machine is not the first that has been developed in virtue of Aroconis technology, it is the first one that is considered to be an artefact generation machine because of its qualities.