Durability: minimal
Speed: low



Gargantua is artefact transporter. It is equipped with a storage space, which is consists of the transport room (that is an area of strong magnetism in deed) and a small fully automated chemical labs. It has thin armour plates and no weapons.

It is impossible to use this colossus as a weapon, it – on the other hand – has to be kept out of the rage of the enemy units because one shot even from a lighter gun is usually enough to get through the thin armour. Then the chemical compounds, used to neutralize the artefact, will explode and destroy all the units in its environs. Another big weakness of this unit is its low speed. Although it has many defaults it is still the only conveyor that is able to transport the artefacts.

The HQ report: “During the production of this conveyor Dr. Daenne, the chemists’ team leader has mysteriously disappeared. We have a serious suspicion that he was abducted by the agents of Consortium.”